Laser marking
Laser marking. Permanent marking of products
Permanently marking with

Laser marking

The customized and permanent marking of products can no longer be dispensed with in modern production processes. They can be used for identifying the products and brands, as well as for traceability and inspecting the individual work steps in production. They can be implemented with a flexible laser marking system, among other methods.

Important characteristics in this include:

  • the best lettering quality with clear contours
  • nearly maintenance-free operation
  • counterfeit-proof and permanent marking
  • low usage and follow-up costs

In our applications, laser markers and robust and powerful reading systems form a well-practiced team. In this way, through marked codes (DMC, barcodes) in the production process, the process safety is increased.

We will select the appropriate laser system for you based on your task. Among the general properties, the following usually apply:
  • Marking of various image field sizes
  • Marking on round and rough surfaces using Z-compensation
  • Marking "on the fly" at conveyor speeds of up to 240 m/min
  • Simple adjustability with integrated pilot laser and laser pointer
  • Marking of various characters, lines and 2D codes as well as logos and images
  • Only air cooling necessary
  • Various installation positions with a smaller size
Primarily, the selection of the laser depends on the material to be labeled:

Fiber laser (FAYb):

  • preferably, marking metals through engraving or tempering
  • Plastics can be turned to foam, carbonized (color change) or bleached.

CO2 laser:

  • preferably marking of glass and "hard" plastic
  • Cutting of thin plastics (e.g., cables, membranes, seat belts, etc.)
  • Marking of circuit boards and electronic components

The systems are used in various applications and industries. Among the preferred industries are:

  • The automotive industry
  • The packaging industry
  • The electronics industry
  • Medical technology

From production or expiration dates to the company logo, various information can be attached, depending on the customers' requirements. We are also happy to support you in a consulting role and create a feasibility study for your application.

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