Industry 4.0 and MES
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Industry 4.0 arrived long ago and not only involves an enormous saving in time and more efficient work, but also offers a modified surveillance of production. In order to guarantee an optimum production control, the application of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) takes up an important role in the manufacturing executive system. The MES is immediately linked to operation processes and gathers machine-related data in real time. Using the data, errors can be avoided and processes can be optimized.

According to desire, SYMESTIC offers different modules for the required use.

Smart Factory

Cloud OEE

Plug & Play – immediately enter into Industry 4.0 with the cloud solution

Smart Factory

Express MES Package

The cost-saving entrance into MES for rapid transparency and efficiency in production

Smart Factory

Advanced MES Solution

The pioneering MES infrastructure according to international ISA 95 standard

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