Advanced MES Solution

Events & alarms
Manufacturing process – identify weaknesses – introduce optimization
Advanced MES Solution

Identify weaknesses – initiate optimization!

In the symesticManufacturing® analysis area, the manufacturing process can be analyzed from the viewpoint of the measured signals (messages, alarms, etc.), the process data of a component and, if necessary, an order under various viewpoints.

Interferences in production that must currently be fixed are shown centrally on a separate information screen. These data are available for downstream analysis for the continuous improvement process.

  • Recording of interferences/events
  • Optional e-mail alerts for peculiar events
  • Archiving the results

Based on the symesticManufacturing® system, a plant-wide reporting system can be structured.

Meaningful tools place the main interference factors, i.e. events and alarms in focus:

  • Event and alarm monitor
  • Event and alarm analyzer
  • Event and alarm ranking

Which interferences have had relevant influence on the production? Was a significant improvement able to be achieved through a measure? These sample tasks can be analyzed within a defined period of time with regard to duration and frequency. Through graphic preparation it can very quickly be identified which interferences should be fixed as a priority in order to ensure efficient production.

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