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Advanced MES Solution

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The term overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is an expression for the overall effectiveness of the system. The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a key figure that can be used to evaluate the economic output provided by a system.

OEE Analyzer

The OEE of a system is defined as the result of the following three factors:

  • Availability factor
  • Output factor
  • Quality factor

symesticManufacturing® continuously measures these factors and presents them clearly. A prerequisite for this is the system-based calendar to define the operating period.

Traceability analyzer

Unique part-related recording of the relevant data is a prerequisite for limiting the number of parts, e.g., those that are considered for a recall action. This unique assignment is provided by symesticManufacturing® as a basis for functionality.

The traceability data can be analyzed by the user using a specific plug-in in the Office client without any specialized IT knowledge. The parts are identified using various selection criteria in list form and, if desired, based on a graphic representation.

Order analyzer

For every order, the processing progress can be analyzed at the intended segments with the corresponding result.

Segment analyzer

For every segment (system, machine, or station), the part-related timely use of resources and the respective processing results can be analyzed, including process parameters.

Part analyzer

For each part, the segment-related, timely processing, and the respective results can be analyzed, including process parameters.

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