Advanced MES Solution

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Advanced MES Solution

Transparency at every glance!

Production should be optimally controlled at all times. On this topic, current real-time information, e.g. about the current state of manufacturing orders or the current condition of production systems, is required. Only in this way can it be ensured that manufacturing also actually works – particularly in the event of a JIT/JIS order control!

Current information –
at any time and anywhere

symesticManufacturing® delivers exactly this information through the office client using various plug-ins:

  • Production performance monitor
  • Line stop monitor
  • Event and alarm monitor
  • Production line monitor
  • Segment monitor
  • Score board
  • Dash board

If required, this information can also be made accessible globally using various services (e-mail, text message, Internet). The operator can quickly react to critical system states and introduce corresponding measures.

Current data is made available for every part, every station, every system or every machine, as well as for every order if needed.

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