Advanced MES Solution

symesticManufacturing® Smart Factory Advanced MES Solution

Your future-proof MES solution

symesticManufacturing® is designed for the requirements of discrete manufacturing for medium and large production companies. Internationally active customers value the flexible, modular system structure and support in the respective language of their country alongside the scope of MES functionality.

The automotive industry, with its high requirements on configurable and highly-available MES, is one of the primary application areas. symesticManufacturing® offers industry-specific shop floor tools and system/machine interfaces for this field.

Key fields of application

  • Increase of efficiency and productivity
  • Tracking & Tracing (Traceability)
  • Assembly control
  • Production and process control
  • OEE/Key figures/Process data

symesticManufacturing® is positioned in what is called shop floor management and control. The system is the ideal vertical and horizontal binding element between neighboring IT and PLC systems such as ERP, MRP, PPS, QM, SIMATIC S7, and Allen Bradley.

Increased efficiency and
return on investment

Achieve transparency in manufacturing and identify potentials for optimization through a monitoring of your production! symesticManufacturing® supports you with a variety of modules in the areas of

  • Production management
  • Traceability
  • Monitoring
  • Key figures and analyses
  • Reporting
  • Events and alarms

symesticManufacturing® also provides methods and modules as powerful MES for the workers in the shop floor area, such as:

  • In-process inspection and detection of defects
  • Auditing and ensuring product quality
  • Coordination of re-work
  • Wastage of (half-finished) parts and short-term post-production
  • Date and order-specific control of (JIS) manufacturing orders
  • Control and monitoring of assembly activities
  • Coordination of packaging

The material flow and maintenance of process-technical dependencies is actively monitored. Through this, process and quality problems are identified early and a special treatment is initiated automatically.

For the continuous improvement process, a powerful reporting system with corresponding analysis functions can be accessed.

Investment security

You will achieve investment security based on the symesticManufacturing®MES strategy; in other words, the basic underlying international ANSI/ISA-95 standard, the subsequent use of standard technology, and an open architecture! Through scalability and the highest level of flexibility, symesticManufacturing® adapts precisely to your requirements.

symesticManufacturing®is a system based on Microsoft technology that consists of the following basic components:

  • Office Client
  • Web Portal
  • ANSI/ISA-95 database and services
  • dataPLC to reduce IT dependency *)
  • Shop floor stations

*) optional for SIMATIC S7

For systems and machine builders, symesticManufacturing® makes functional components for efficient integration available. Diverse tools (e.g., Atlas Copco screwdrivers, Pick-by-Light etc.) and third-party systems are connected using standardized interfaces.

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