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Production management
JIT/JIS - symesticManufacturing® for production logistics

Order control and production output can be securely in your grasp!

Production logistics, as a part of production and logistics, involves the planning, control, and inspection of the internal transport, handling, and storage processes. It is closely connected to the usual logistics components.

In this sense, symesticManufacturing® focuses on the following goals with its production management model:

  • Timely (JIT) and customer sequence-based (JIS) production
  • Increased flexibility in production
  • Reduced inventory
  • Improvement of lot sizes
  • Lowering the manufacturing costs

The MES information technology must contribute to success on all levels through these framework conditions. Particularly critical for success is not only how well the processes are supported by the MES, but also how quickly changes can be adapted in the production system.

symesticManufacturing® supports production during operative control of JIT/JIS orders of the OEM, batch orders of the overlying planning level (ERP and logistics systems), or Kanban orders of the shop floor. In doing so, the requirement is that different characteristics of manufacturing processes are built up optimally:

  • Just-in-sequence
  • Just-in-time
  • Build-to-order
  • Kanban
  • Batch
  • Rework circuits
  • Testing circuits

Current order and production data can be checked through the symesticManufacturing®office client at any time at any location.

Customer-oriented and
flexible production

Production management receives important information on the following questions:

  • What is the current state of production?
  • Are orders executed in a timely manner and in terms of quantity as planned?
  • Which finished parts are produced and in which container were they packaged?
  • Which orders and/or finished parts could not be produced in a timely manner?
  • For which order is logistic special treatment required?
  • Which finished parts of a container have already been begun with production?
  • Which orders have been blocked for the short-term due to missing materials?

To the extent it is sensible, individual orders can be compiled with the goal of a cost-effective and efficient manufacturing into batch lot sizes. For packaging and shipping, in the event of a JIS requirement, the customer's original sequence is recreated.

To book the material consumption, there are various methods of individual booking of materials up to support of retrograde booking of half-finished products and finished products available.

To control the logistical process within the shop floor, the following dedicated symesticManufacturing® plug-ins are available:

  • Start-of-line (z.B. Just-in-sequence)
  • Worker Instruction
  • Audit/Visual Inspection
  • Rework
  • PokaYoke Information
  • Packaging
    • Sequence-controlled or sorted packaging
    • Automatic, temporary or manual container completion

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