Advanced MES Solution

Manufacturing process – reporting with symesticManufacturing
Advanced MES Solution

A wide range of product and model policy with exclusive technology

The international competition today requires a wide product and model policy with exclusive technology and a differentiated variety of offerings.

For production, this means:

  • The highest level of change flexibility
  • Zero-error quality
  • Absolute adherence to deadlines
  • High efficiency with minimal costs

Staying competitive
and profitable

The symesticManufacturing® reporting system delivers out of the box a series of standard reports regarding the manufacturing process, the production output, the quality and the systems.

Customer-specific characteristics can then be custom-created on this basis with the tools available. An additional option for customized ad-hoc data analysis and for reporting is provided through an Excel interface, through which data can be exported.

Ensuring quality

A high level of quality is a big part of safeguarding the future of a company. Defective quality quickly causes dramatic consequences: unhappy customers, loss of turnover, and damage to your image, which often cannot be corrected through money.

The quality reporting system gains particular importance for this reason. A whole bundle of measures on the shop floor will support you in achieving a consistently high quality.

A version-specific analysis allows the types of errors at the error locations to be taken into account. Evaluating the errors based on relevance (Pareto analyses) moreover allows the most serious errors to be detected and indicated.

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