Advanced MES Solution

Shop floor control
Shop floor control with symesticManufacturing
Advanced MES Solution

Managing and supporting the workers on the shop floor

Our established symesticManufacturing® MES standard system is continuously extended by additional functionalities; stations close to production are also among them.

Close dialog with our customers is very important to us! In this way, we can also actively ensure that we align our further developments to the requirements of the market related to practice.

Ensuring quality

From the viewpoint of quality managements there are a selection of process-oriented stations that are integral components of the symesticManufacturing® system:

Visual inspection
For visual inspection in the process, the symesticManufacturing® system also provides dedicated stations for manual inspection by a worker alongside fully automatic inspections using image processing and sensors.

Blind audit
Was the part that the customer ordered actually produced? This is another criteria that cannot be ignored within the framework of quality management. With our "Blind audit" station, a corresponding means of testing is available to you.

Even if the sensors on the systems and machines participating in manufacturing do not initially detect a quality problem, it should be detected through targeted random sampling.

PokaYoke display
The symesticManufacturing® system shows this information as a general display of quality problems in the process in a transparent manner.

Quality problems must not only be detected systematically; control of the material flow for the affected parts is just as important. The end of the rework process results in either the return to the production process at the corresponding manufacturing level or the rejection of a part.

Control of orders
and assembly

From the viewpoint of production management, it is first and foremost important to ensure that the available and approved orders are executed in a timely manner and the desired production quantities are manufactured in the required packaging type.

On the shop floor, symesticManufacturing® supports production employees with various process-oriented stations, such as:

In sequence-controlled manufacturing, it is important to maintain assurance of the required sequence. There are various strategies for doing so. The symesticManufacturing® Start-of-Line plug-in helps at the beginning of a production and conveyor line to produce in the right sequence.

Assembly management
Here, the focus is on the instruction and inspection by a worker when executing orders or in version-specific work steps. Such a work station is usually equipped with supporting equipment that is likewise integrated in the symesticManufacturing® Worker instruction plug-in.

In the packaging area, the symesticManufacturing® packaging plug-in covers the various strategies (pure packaging, sequence packaging, etc.) flexibly. The corresponding functions are available in the Packaging area to compensate for temporary fluctuations within production, which are usually the case.

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