Advanced MES Solution

symesticManufacturing – modern architecture, forward-looking technology, the highest level of availability
Advanced MES Solution

Modern architecture, forward-looking technology & the highest level of availibility

We consider ourselves MES specialists for total solutions in cooperation with IT and automation. In this sense, we have comprehensive knowledge of the technical interfaces on pages of the overlying ERP and MRP level as well as the subordinate system and machine level.

We stand by these standards, but also do not shy away in special situations from creating a customer-specific solution.


System architecture

The technology and architecture of the symesticManufacturing® system was designed so that our customers are provided the highest level of investment security and future-proofness.

The system architecture is subdivided into:

  • Office clients
  • Web portal
  • ANSI/ISA-95 database and services
  • dataPLC for reducing IT dependency
  • Shop floor stations

ERP integration

With the symesticManufacturing® system, you are in the position to communicate with your ERP systems, regardless of the manufacturer. Ideally, your ERP knows the international Business To Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML), an XMP implementation from the ANSI/ISA 95 standard family (ISA-95) – also known under the designation ISO/IEC 62264.

If there are special circumstances that we find present at our customer's location, we will provide for an optimal interface to your ERP system and enable data exchange. Our symesticManufacturing® dataBridge service provides many options for this.

Alongside web services and the known online interfaces of various ERP/PPS products, we also support XML-based file interfaces.

System integration

symesticManufacturing® has a variety of integration options. Our focus here is on the use of robust and proven industry standards.

symesticManufacturing® provides for the standardized and secure system/machine connection, e.g. SIMATIC MES functional components and a SIMATIC dataPLC to bridge IT outages.

High availability

The architecture from symesticManufacturing® allows you to structure a system to ensure production capability of over 99.99%.

Depending on the required system availability, alongside the corresponding IT measures, the symesticManufacturing® component dataPLC is used in connection with elaborate emergency scenarios. We can thus ensure maintenance of production independent of all IT systems from the MES/ERP level. Outage of a component, e.g. the central MES database server, does not have to have any direct effects on the availability of the overall system!

Even in the unlikely event that a highly available component is unavailable, a fall back is possible using intelligent linking of the components within the shortest period of time.

Technologie - 100% Microsoft

symesticManufacturing® is based 100% on Microsoft Technology on pages in IT software development and databases.

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