Advanced MES Solution

Zero-error production traceability in symesticManufacturing
Advanced MES Solution

Verify the error-free manufacturing process with certainty!

The Traceability module is an important functional basis of symesticManufacturing®. As part of this, we not only limit ourselves to the pure documentation of the production process (e.g., as per VDA 5005), but actively introduce a special treatment for components outside of the specification.

Traceability requires a unique identification of a component. This usually begins with the formation of a basic frame, e.g. in injection molding. A comprehensive system solution including automatic labeling is provided by the symesticManufacturing® IMM Controller, e.g., for injection molding systems from the manufacturers Engel, KrausMaffei, Husky etc.

Traceability – more than just software

Can you just quickly purchase MES software, install it in production, and expect everything to be OK? No, today software is just one component of an MES project. Appropriate consultation, correct support in change management, and good project management are also an important part of an efficient total solution. Create documentation for the manufacturing process that is not only system-supported and automated, but also ensure that it provides for solely error-free parts resulting from the manufacturing process.

Zero-error production

100% Customer satisfaction and higher efficiency through error-free products! Ensure that errors are identified early, fixed, and avoided in the future. Supply of faulty parts is prevented by symesticManufacturing® as part of packaging at the latest.

Active traceability

To support the active traceability process, symesticManufacturing® makes the following dedicated stations available for analysis, repair, inspection, returns, and side tracking available for the shop floor level, alongside the monitoring and locking of the individual processes and work steps together with the participating machines and systems, among others:

  • Audit
  • Blind Audit
  • PokaYoke
  • Visual Inspection
  • Rework

Defective conditions in the production process can be determined early in real time and fixed. Only error-free components receive approval for delivery to the end customers.

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