Cloud OEE

symesticManufacturing® Smart Factory Cloud OEE
It doesn't get any easier!

Connect, start, evaluate!

How would it be for you,

  • if you could have the complete overview over your production within the shortest time and without any complex IT investments or installations?
  • In real time? Called-up at the touch of a button via webbrowser or your mobile device?

With symesticManufacturing® Smart Factory Cloud OEE this becomes reality!


Overview at any time in real time

Whether via Webbrowser or on the way via mobile smart-device – make up your current and objective version on the situation in your production. In real time.

Quick and easy way to success

Transparency for increasing efficiency!

  • Short-term increase of your plant productivity
  • Automated registration of plant efficiency, quantity and reject
  • Determination of OEE key figures for downtime, perfomance and quality
  • OEE complete solution at a montly fixed price!
  • Cost-effective Industry 4.0 platform
  • Opertive available MES basic functions in shortest time

You can start in no time and review the essential parameters of your plant!

Simply connect the digital interfaces of your plant with our delivered symesticManufacturing® Smart OEE box or use the optional intelligent sensors. With least effort – as well as without experienced IT- or SPS specialists – the significant parameters of your plant will be registered securely and automatically.

Your data is being transferred to the symesticManufacturing® ISA 95 Cloud Server via a secure connection and are available in real time.

Little effort, great effect

Your schedule to reduced costs and increased productivity

Digital interface

Connect your plant to the Smart OEE boc – OEE raw data of the plant are registered securely and automatically

Data transfer cloud server

Safe data transfer of pre-processed OEE raw data to the symesticManufacturing ISA 95 cloud server

OEE in real time at any time

The OEE key figures are available on your mobile device or Webbrowser – at any time and any place!

Any questions? We are happy to help you!


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