Production Efficiency Express Package

Entry into Industrie 4.0 mit symesticManufacturing® Smart Factory Express MES Package
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  • Entry into Industrie 4.0 mit symesticManufacturing® Smart Factory Express MES Package
Fast and efficient

Entry into Industry 4.0

To ensure business success, production operations must be efficient and cost-effective. The quantity of finished, saleable goods depends on the availability and performance of your production systems and workstations, and on the proportion of products that are free from faults (OEE).

The PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY EXPRESS PACKAGE helps you achieve your goals by giving you all the information you need in real time – without manual effort. Moreover, you are immediately and automatically notified of anomalies and downtime.

Leverage reliable information to identify possible causes of faults and potential areas of improvement – and to monitor compliance with your production goals. Moreover, you can make sound decisions based on reliable, up-to-the-second metrics


begin your transformation to a smart factory quickly and easily


lay the groundwork for a smart factory on the basis of international standards


achieve your smart factory vision with the help of experienced MES experts


implement the smart factory standard step by step and worldwide

Monitoring and Transparency

We will show you how to deploy leading-edge Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things technologies. And how to harness them to achieve greater productivity in a matter of days:

  • Monitoring of and visibility into your production operations in real time
  • KPIs for objective evaluation of the efficiency of your production equipment:
    • OEE – production efficiency at a glance
    • Identify and qualify downtime
    • Visualize fluctuations in performance
    • Maximize quality
  • Improve capacity utilization and reduce downtime
  • Increase output
  • Recognize and analyze quality issues, and reduce scrappage
  • Central management of alerts for rapid response to faults
  • Enjoy automated reporting on your manufacturing operations

Success in just 10 days

Smart Factory consulting and training

Smart Factory Kick-off Workshop
  • An effective smart factory strategy on the basis of international standards
  • Reliable, robust, and efficient equipment interfaces for dependable, accurate input data
  • KPIs and monitoring – real-time visibility into your manufacturing activities
Smart Factory Experience Workshop
  • Make the best possible use of smart factory tools
  • Big data analytics – the next step in improving production operations

Smart Factory licenses*

Smart Device App
  • Real-time monitoring and KPIs on your mobile device (Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows)

Shop Floor
  • Smart factory OEE interface with up to 100 alerts for each machine
  • Real-time machine monitoring
  • Real-time dashboard
Office Client
  • Monitoring: dashboard, rework, scrap, downtime, alerts
  • KPIs: OEE, downtime, performance, quality
  • Analyzer: scrap, rework, alerts
  • Reporting: OEE, output, quality

symesticManufacturing® ISA 95
  • Smart factory server on the basis of the international ISA 95 standard
  • 3 x syMan® CAL OPC plant/equipment interface

*requires infrastructure in line with symesticManufacturing® ISA 95 specifications

Implementation and support

  • Swift and simple remote implementation
  • Includes personal telephone support for the first three months
Symestic Smart factory MES

With our PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY strategy, you can quickly discover your specific production strengths and weaknesses on the basis of automatically captured, real-time data. Your investment will typically pay for itself in a matter of weeks. By leveraging our EXPRESS PACKAGE, you are establishing the modular basis for the step-by-step implementation of our ADVANCED MES SOLUTION and your smart factory vision.

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