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Expect not only an excellent MES product, but also an MES partner with many years of experience and expertise in successful MES introduction that won't leave you out in the cold thanks to 24/7 MES support!

Moreover, SYMESTIC offers you the IT and automation expertise for the neighboring systems for efficient project development and reduction of the costs from a single source! Successful projects and satisfied customers are the best references. symesticManufacturing® is used in the manufacturing of products for all large OEMs globally:

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symesticManufacturing® in international use

Medium-sized manufacturing operations and industrial corporations use the symesticManufacturing® MES system globally. Our customers value the practical benefit of a transparent and efficient production. Production management, JIS/JIT order control and assembly control, optimization of production using OEE, traceability, and zero-error results in the manufacturing process are among the strengths.

Yanfeng, Johnson Controls

For well over 10 years, SYMESTIC has been the MES partner of Johnson Controls Automotive. symesticManufacturing® is used in the plants in Europe and Asia in the shop floor management and control systems for automatic traceability data recording, JIT/JIS order management, assembly, and production control as well as process monitoring and optimization.


SAS Automotive is a globally leading provider of assembly, logistics, and development of cockpits for vehicles. symesticManufacturing® is the forward-looking global MES platform for JIT/JIS assembly.


WILD has an internationally leading role on the market in the manufacturing and development of first-class ingredients for the food and drink industry: The progressive technological expertise of the company is supported by the MES from SYMESTIC for a smooth data flow from SAP to automated production.


Excerpt from our project list:

  • X253 IP Mercedes GLK class - instrument panel
  • F48 IP BMW - instrument panel
  • 451 / 453 SMART - cockpit
  • W205 IP Mercedes C class - instrument panel
  • MCV BMW i3 and i8 - carbon modules
  • WS212 DP Mercedes E class - door panel
  • W204 IP Mercedes C class - instrument panel
  • X204 IP Mercedes GLK - instrument panel
  • AC207 IP Mercedes CLK - instrument panel
  • E84 IP BMW X1 - instrument panel
  • Mini RQP BMW Mini - door panel
  • Tiguan DP VW Tiguan - door panel
  • 300 IP FIAT 500 - instrument panel
  • Ceed Seating KIA - seating
  • A3400 DP OPEL Astra - door panel
  • A3400 IP OPEL Astra - instrument panel
  • A3470 DP OPEL Zafira - instrument panel
  • A3401 DP OPEL Astra - door panel
  • A3400 IP Cabrio OPEL Astra - instrument panel
  • FR90 Dacia - seating
  • C322 IP FORD C-MAX - instrument panel
  • C520 IP FORD Kuga - instrument panel
  • SK251 IP SKODA - instrument panel

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