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Integration of processes and information

Shorter product life cycles, harsher legal framework conditions and international competition are forcing corporations to integrate manufacturing systems into their corporate applications. A promising solution is the integration of processes and information – vertically though all corporate levels!

The vision of completely integrated and optimized production processes is a guiding theme of our company. In the sense of "Integrated Automation", we combine the production level in the corporation with the world of commercial electronic data processing. In doing so, we create a bridge between the functional world of production and the level of evaluation and assessment in corporate management.

The highest goal in doing so is to lower costs, shorten delivery times and to place innovations and significantly shorter cycles quickly and profitably on the market in order to produce more cost-effectively.

Independent of whether a Manufacturing Execution System is coupled to a higher-level ERP system or if it is used independently, it enables those responsible for the operation to plan and control production on short notice. Moreover, corporate management is provided with important assistance in making decisions.


The MES systems from symestic GmbH provide for secure product quality and efficient production and logistics processes with your information. They allow traceability and seamless tracking & tracing to improve the competitiveness of your company.

As though you were in a "corporate cockpit", you now have access in real time to all data that affects your production. Make your decisions based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your system. Supported by current key figures on productivity and efficiency, you will operate a targeted weakness analysis and achieve a higher performance in manufacturing while also lowering your system costs.

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