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Whether customized or standard software is involved:

If you would like to be able to work with a newly introduced system successfully as quickly as possible, carefully planned staff training sessions are the first choice.

SYMESTIC offers you a tailored training program, optionally at your company or at our modern equipped training locations.

In many companies, over the course of various projects, a multitude of products from the world of IT and automation have crept in..

Before these products can be administrated by the company itself and can possibly also be optimized, up-to-date expertise must be gathered.

We offer our customers specific workshops on various topics. 

Here is a selection:

  • MES Workshop – MES based on the international ANSI/ISA-95 standards
    • Success Factors for a Successful MES Project
  • MES Workshop – Design of a Future-proof MES System Based on Standards
  • MES Workshop – Efficient JIT/JIS Manufacturing Order Control
  • symesticManufacturing® Workshops
    • symesticManufacturing® for Users
    • symesticManufacturing® für Administrators
    • symesticManufacturing® für System Architecture
  • IT Workshops
    • Business Intelligence
    • Process Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Structure of Partitioned Systems
    • Installation and Administration of the Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other Workshops
    • Connection of Injection Molding Systems to an MES System
    • Connection of Production Systems to an MES System
    • Connection of AtlasCopco Systems to an MES System
    • System-oriented SPS and PLS Training

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