Digitalisation in the
injection moulding industry

Get your injection moulding to an Industry 4.0 level

Industry 4.0 in the field of injection moulding overcomes the limits of conventional plant construction. Digitalisation based on international standards creates never before seen transparency and ideal productivity in various applications.

Digitalisation solutions for injection moulding – and beyond

SYMESTIC’s consulting provides both specific know-how for the field of injection moulding and services for integrating it in the overall value added chain. With our help you can implement continuous Industry 4.0 and digitalisation solutions throughout your entire plant!

100% transparency and control in injection moulding

Keep informed at all times! No matter where you are - be it at your business or on the go - our state-of-the art systems will support you.

Fully automated injection moulding cells - transparency, planning, management and analysis

The SYMESTIC IMM Controller coordinates and monitors the flow of material and data within a cell and on the core component that is the injection moulding system. Moreover, it ensures fault-free interaction of the other components such as granulate supply, robot and handling systems, image processing, scales, machining systems, post-processing, labelling, ...

What is your current situation?

  • Do you have a real time overview of your injection moulding area?
  • Do you have only an inaccurate or delayed overview of your production performance?
  • Is analysing process indicators complicated and time-consuming?
  • Do you lack the option of finding the source of quality issues?
  • Do you find it difficult to implement sustainable performance improvement measures?


Why you should choose SYMESTIC:

  • Short introduction period
  • Quick return on investment
  • Sustainable improvement through well-established methods
  • High system availability
  • Mechanisms for avoiding system failures and loss of data
Connection to any type of injection moulding system
  • Scalability - from local approaches to global use
  • Detailed real time monitoring, automated analyses and reporting
  • Expandability up to a full MES
  • Vertical integration with existing business systems
  • Highly modern technologies and standards (ISA 95, B2MML, OPC, Euromap ,…)

Integrating heterogeneous technologies in the digitalisation of injection moulding

In general, standardised interfaces are a basic prerequisite for effective and efficient interlinking of machines. With a view to Industry 4.0, the association EUROMAP has specified important information models for injection moulding based on the transfer technology OPC-UA:

  • EUROMAP 77
    Data exchange between injection moulding machines and MES
  • EUROMAP 79
    Data exchange between injection moulding machines and robots
  • EUROMAP 82
    Data exchange between injection moulding machines and peripheral devices
  • EUROMAP 83
    Higher-ranking standard with general definitions
  • EUROMAP 84
    Data exchange between extruders/extrusion lines and MES
  • EUROMAP 85
    Data exchange between blow moulding machines and MES

In the future, these standardised interfaces will be provided on new machine lines by most manufacturers.

However, in practice this is frequently still a dream for the future, making it necessary to work with highly heterogeneous and proprietary interfaces and protocols (OPC-DA, Euromap 63, “$ *” and digital signals) at present. How can you integrate this great variety of systems into your digitalisation strategy?

We will show you tailor-made solutions to this problem!

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