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Smooth JIS procedures, even in the face of great challenges!

JIT/JIS production is one of the defining strengths of the SYMESTIC MES. Thanks to its modular and (re-)configurable set-up, even great challenges such as a high number of different designs with small batch sizes can be conquered in an economically efficient manner. From receipt of release dates through EDI to sequencing and from demand-based production control to dispatch - with the SYMESTIC MES you have full control of all processes.


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Perfectly adaptable JIS production with the SYMESTIC MES

  • Seamless integration into existing ERP systems
    (e.g. SAP, QAD)
  • Extensive tool, machine and machine line integration
  • All relevant production functions out-of-the-box
  • Continuous traceability for your products
  • Flexible adaptation to your requirements without outside help

The smooth production chain process ensures that each part is available to the OEM at the right time in the right order. The architecture also permits high production availability even if central IT components fail.

What is the status of your JIS production?

  • Can you always produce in sequence?
  • Are your deliveries to customers 100% reliable?
  • Are your assembly processes flexible?
  • Can you adapt your production sequences quickly and at low cost?
  • Do you have to prove the production quality of your operators?
  • Do you find it difficult to implement sustainable performance improvement measures?


Why you should choose SYMESTIC:

  • Short introduction period
  • Quick return on investment
  • Unique JIS emergency system
  • High added value of MES even beyond JIS
  • Scalable from local approaches to global use
  • Unique architecture to avoid data loss
  • Detailed real time monitoring, automated analyses and reporting
  • Vertical integration with existing business systems
  • Approved by numerous OEMs
  • Reliable 24/7 support – Your safety net in critical situations

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