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Fault-free production processes are a strategic part of any digital factory!

With the SYMESTIC MES, traceability becomes a strategic component of your digital factory and your Industry 4.0 solution for the future. Your workpieces are tracked from the point of their creation. The SYMESTIC MES takes care of fully automatic labelling as well as documentation of the production process and the active control of the workpiece (e.g. next production stage, post-processing, reject).


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Traceability at the highest level with the SYMESTIC MES

  • Transparency of costs and processes
  • Process optimisation in your company
  • Increased overall efficiency
  • Uniform data standard (e.g. according to VDA 5005)
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk minimisation
  • Quality optimisation
  • Prevention of damage to your image

What is the status of your traceability?

  • Are you still going through the time-consuming step of noting everything down by hand?
  • Do you have continuous documentation of the manufacturing process?
  • Is your production capability incl. traceability permanently ensured?
  • Can you ensure that only 100 % fault-free products are delivered to your customers?
  • Do you have reliable data to prevent product recalls?
  • Would you like to increase the transparency of costs and processes?


Why you should choose SYMESTIC:

  • Short introduction period
  • Quick return on investment
  • Sustainable improvement through well-established methods
  • High system availability
  • Mechanisms for avoiding system failures and loss of data
Connection to any type of injection moulding system
  • Scalability - from local approaches to global use
  • Detailed real time monitoring, automated analyses and reporting
  • Expandability up to a full MES
  • Vertical integration with existing business systems
  • Highly modern technologies and standards (ISA 95, B2MML, OPC, Euromap ,…)
  • Reliable 24/7 support – Your safety net in critical situations

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