The SYMESTIC MES On-Premise: the future-proof powerhouse of your digital factory

To launch your digital factory, we use a high-performance MES. It is based on the international ISA-95 standard. Specialised plug-ins will provide precisely those components that you need for the tasks of your production.


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Why the SYMESTIC MES On-Premise is the perfect solution for your Industry 4.0 requirements

The core of any MES solution is a sophisticated software program. The SYMESTIC MES is a highly modern software system with a clever architecture, which permits flexible adaptation to your requirements and scaling at any level.

How will the SYMESTIC MES increase your profitability and efficiency

The SYMESTIC MES provides your management with reliable, automated information and analyses in real time. This gives you clear indicators to base your decisions on. Among other things, you will see potential related to the availability, performance and quality of your machines and machine lines, you will identify unintended capital lockup due to shop floor storage and you will detect delays in processing.

At the touch of a button and without any use of personnel, the SYMESTIC MES can determine the most efficient and best production plan.

Why is the SYMESTIC MES so future-proof?

Thanks to its modular structure, the SYMESTIC MES can be adapted to your requirements and processes, no matter whether you produce soft drinks, ballpoint pens or vehicle cockpits. It can be expanded as required and can even grow with you if you expand internationally, thanks to its multiple language options.

As a flexible, secure foundation, the SYMESTIC MES is based on the global standard ISA 95. In addition, it supports numerous interfaces, e.g. B2MML, OPC DA/UA and EUROMAP. The framework of our IT infrastructure is based on Microsoft technologies and our development is synchronised with these.

a solution for any task

The performance and powerful range of functions of the SYMESTIC MES will turn your production into a smart digital factory.

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