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Our Mission

Create the best MES platform for manufacturing companies, on which manufacturing processes are efficient, error-free, on schedule, flexible and profitable.

In this way, we pave the way for our clients to build their own digital factories of the future and accomplish their mission of consistently staying a step ahead of the competition!

Vertical integration: from connecting machines all the way to the cloud

Since starting out over a quarter of a century ago, SYMESTIC has focused on accumulating in-depth expertise on all major technologies used in the digital production landscape.

Thanks to our first-rate automation technology and IT experts, we’re able to meet the entire range of requirements for a world-class, state-of-the-art MES platform.


Extensive experience and innovative technologies, focused on one mission!

SYMESTIC is a young company – and has been one for over 25 years!

Young, innovative, creative minds from various countries constantly propel us forward with their ideas and get-up-and-go. The accumulated knowledge and wisdom of our experienced experts also helps us master critical situations without ever losing sight of our own strategic and entrepreneurial objectives:

Success, stability, independence, profitability and …
“always stay ahead of the competition!”

Process know-how

Deep technological and industry competencies, acquired in close collaboration with a large number of clients.


We make sure that our products remain safe investments by leveraging international standards and an open ANSI/ISA-95 architecture.


SYMESTIC’s MES and automation experts are active in an international environment across all continents – preferably remotely!


We track MES and digitalization trends and create our own innovative products in-house.

Focus on benefits

We strive for long-term cooperation with our clients, providing software as a service (SaaS) products with a clear focus on benefits!

Borderless communication

Securely and reliably exchanging data with machines and the cloud is a complex undertaking. Whether you need ERP, WMS or QMS, our experts will get you connected!

Our vision

Efficient production for a healthy environment

It’s now more important than ever before to produce sustainably. The limited availability of resources requires all of us to take modern, innovative approaches. To meet this need, we develop the best possible MES tools for ensuring reduced resource consumption and greater efficiency and quality in manufacturing. The ultimate goal is for future generations to inherit a planet that’s still worth living on.

Efficient production for a healthy environment

Digitalization to benefit everyone

In many ways, digitalizing processes and information leads to increased efficiency and reduced consumption of resources. In the past, tools and platforms for digitalizing manufacturing were quite costly and complex. They had to be laboriously adapted to meet the unique needs of each company. Large corporate groups were therefore in a much better position to benefit from digitalization. Now, however, small and midsized enterprises can also benefit from the latest innovative technologies – thanks to our simple, affordable, and flexible MES platform!

Digitalization to benefit everyone

Revolutionizing MES

Fast installation, low investment costs, flexibility, connectivity, scalability, and security are major challenges that earlier MES solutions struggled to master. SYMESTIC’s mission is to continually reinvent MES to offer a complete, constantly evolving solution as software as a service to today’s manufacturing companies. A solution that overcomes all of these obstacles and clears the path for the digital factories of the future!

Revolutionizing MES

Our values

SYMESTIC Integrity


We’re committed to applying traditional values in our interactions with staff, partners, suppliers, and clients. And we expect to be treated the same way, on the basis of mutual respect!

SYMESTIC Enthusiasm


Our highly motivated SYMESTIC team goes all out to meet and exceed your expectations with its first-class performance and results. Check us out – you’ll be wowed!



For us, success means enabling our customers to succeed with our support.

Digital manufacturing solutions from SYMESTIC

- at home the world over -

Software solutions from SYMESTIC enable manufacturing companies around the globe to achieve more efficient production. Enterprises can also implement their own unique digital factories with SYMESTIC MES, which is based on the international ISA 95 standard.