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Production metrics

Automatically captured SYMESTIC production metrics give you a steady stream of opportunities to improve your production operation and slash costs on the basis of reliable data.

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Production metrics Production metrics
Production metrics

Comprehensive functions that support your everyday work

For everyone from machine operators to shopfloor managers, our platform puts a wide range of
functions at your fingertips, relieving you of the laborious tasks of collecting data and manually evaluating it. Instead, you can concentrate on what is important.

Automatic data collection

Automatically captures production quantities, rejects, and downtimes

By enabling you to automatically capture data, we provide a basis for you to reliably and consistently derive production metrics.

Create freely configurable user interfaces for operators

Take advantage of our platform to create user interfaces for your workers that are ideally suited to their needs.

Configurable user interfaces
Monitor production metrics

Monitor production metrics in real time

Our dashboards put the most important metrics at your fingertips, so you can keep them in view at all times and spot problems more quickly than has ever before been possible.

Use powerful analysis algorithms to evaluate historical data

We provide you with evaluation and analysis functions that let you make the most of your production data.

Analyze production data

Be informed immediately about important developments

Let our platform instantly alert you to important developments in production, enabling you to quickly take targeted action.

A flexible reporting system that keeps everyone up to speed with the same information across your entire team

Build a solid data foundation for your whole team, so everyone is consistently in the picture and can pull on the same rope.

Automated reporting system

One for all and all for one!

With the help of our clients, we have forged a central production metrics platform that helps every production worker attain their goals. And because there’s no limit to the number of users, your entire team can benefit!



  • Be immediately alerted to downtimes.
  • Analyze which systems are prone to frequent problems and what the most common causes are.
Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

  • Take advantage of a wide variety of analyses to reveal opportunities to improve production processes.
  • Generate custom reports for each department with minimal effort.
Production managers

Production managers

  • Monitor production progress in real time to make sure that you reliably achieve your production targets.
  • Quickly find out about critical production downtimes and identify quality problems early so you can nip them in the bud.
Plant managers

Plant managers

  • The big picture: get all relevant information at a glance.
  • Give your entire team a powerful platform for quickly achieving your production targets while keeping costs down.
Personas in manufacturing

How do the data get into SYMESTIC?

SYMESTIC makes capturing machine data easier than ever: via digital signals or OPC UA , or with the aid of our user interfaces that workers can take advantage of to enter data themselves. Like our overall platform, the solutions are configurable and can be easily and conveniently managed by you in the cloud.

SYMESTIC methods of data capture


Take advantage of our IOT box to capture data via the digital outputs of your equipment and send them via the cellular network straight to our platform.

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No intervention in your network
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Data transfer by cellular link
check mark
Universally usable, independently of your equipment’s age and make
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Can be very quickly installed by your own electricians


The SYMESTIC Cloud Gateway is a service that you can easily install in your network to read out data from your systems via OPC UA.

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No additional hardware required
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Simple administration in the cloud
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Easily scalable―additional equipment can be integrated in minutes
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Easy installation by your local IT department

Shopfloor Clients

Your workers can use Shopfloor Clients to enter data manually that can’t be automatically captured.

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Configurable user interfaces, touch- and tablet-optimized
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Efficient data entry: get where you want to go with a minimum of clicks
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Runs on any operating system: Windows, Android, iOS, iPadOS or macOS



It’s simple!

Thanks to our proprietary technologies, we can easily link to any system, regardless of its age and make.

It’s fast!

It takes only a few hours instead of weeks to set up and go live. so you can start reaping the benefits right away.

It’s scalable!

Our platform is globally scalable and can be extended by a wide range of functions for different aspects of your production operation.

Are you ready to take your production to the next level?

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