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Automated guided vehicle system (AGV)


An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robotic system that transports materials and goods within a factory or warehouse without a human driver. AGVs are equipped with sensors, cameras and navigation systems that enable them to navigate autonomously through defined areas.

The main features of AGVs are:

Autonomous navigation: use of technologies such as lasers, magnetic tapes or optical markers for autonomous navigation.
Flexibility: Adaptability to different transportation requirements and environments.
Integration into factory systems: Connection with warehouse management and production systems to coordinate material flows.
Safety functions: Equipped with sensors and safety mechanisms to prevent collisions and ensure safe operation.

The benefits of AGVs include:

Increased productivity: continuous flow of materials and reduction of transportation times.
Cost reduction: Reducing the need for manual handling and lowering labor costs.
Improving safety: Minimizing accidents and injuries through the use of autonomous vehicles.

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