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Computer-Aided Quality Assurance (CAQ)


Computer-Aided Quality Assurance (CAQ) refers to the use of computer technology to support quality assurance processes in various industries. CAQ systems offer a range of tools and functions to monitor, analyze and improve the quality of products and processes.

By using CAQ, companies can define quality standards, identify deviations from these standards and take corrective action to minimize production errors. CAQ software includes functions such as quality control, inspection planning, defect analysis, audit management and document control, all of which help to make quality assurance effective.

The benefits of CAQ lie in its ability to increase product quality, improve customer satisfaction and reduce production costs by detecting and correcting defects at an early stage. In addition, CAQ supports compliance with quality standards and certification requirements, resulting in a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In today's competitive business environment, CAQ is an indispensable tool for companies that want to produce high quality products.

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