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Cloud-native refers to a method of software development and deployment that is specifically designed to take advantage of the cloud computing architecture. In the context of Manufacturing Execution Systems (M ES), the cloud-native approach enables the development and operation of MES applications that integrate seamlessly into cloud environments to optimize flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

Important aspects of cloud-native in the MES sector:

  1. Microservices: MES applications are developed as a collection of small, independent services that perform specific tasks and are easily scalable.
  2. Containerization: Containers make it possible to operate and manage each component of the MES in isolation, which improves deployment and scalability.
  3. DevOps: The integration of development and operations promotes rapid iteration and continuous improvement of MES systems.
  4. Automated management: Orchestration and automation tools help manage MES applications to maximize uptime and efficiency.

Importance for businesses: By utilizing cloud-native technologies, manufacturing companies can make their MES solutions more efficient. They benefit from the ability to respond quickly to changes in production demand and the ability to scale systems seamlessly on a global scale, which is harder to achieve in traditional on-premises setups.

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