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CoDeSys (Controller Development System) is a comprehensive development platform for programming and engineering automation systems. It is a manufacturer-independent software developed by the company 3S-Smart Software Solutions and is widely used in the automation industry.

CoDeSys provides an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables engineers and programmers to develop control applications for various platforms, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and other industrial control systems. The software supports a variety of programming languages and programming standards, including IEC 61131-3, allowing developers to work flexibly and efficiently.

CoDeSys features include a graphical programming interface, an extensive library of predefined functions and modules, a simulation environment for virtual commissioning of control applications and tools for diagnostics and troubleshooting. CoDeSys is used in a variety of industries, including factory automation, process automation, building automation and more, and provides a powerful and user-friendly platform for the development of automation solutions.

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