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Common Industrial Protocol (CIP)


Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) is a common communication standard that is widely used in industrial automation. It was developed by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA) and comprises a series of protocols for communication between different devices and systems in automation technology.

CIP comprises several protocols, including:

DeviceNet: a network protocol for communication between different devices and controllers in factory automation.
ControlNet: A high-speed network protocol for communication between controllers and other devices in industrial automation systems.
EtherNet/IP: An Industrial Ethernet protocol based on the Internet Protocol (IP) that enables seamless integration of industrial automation systems into corporate networks.

CIP provides an open, manufacturer-independent platform for communication in industrial automation, enabling users to integrate and control devices from different manufacturers. It provides a simple, efficient and secure way to exchange data between different parts of an automation system, resulting in improved productivity, flexibility and reliability.

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