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Data Warehousing


Data warehousing is a process in which data is collected from various sources, cleansed, transformed and stored in a central repository to be used for analytical purposes or business decisions. A data warehouse serves as a centralized database for companies to get a consistent and integrated view of their data.

The main features of a data warehouse are:

Integration of data: Merging data from different internal and external sources to create a unified and consistent database.

Temporal consistency: Storage of historical data to track and analyze trends and developments over time.

Analytical processing: Providing tools and technology to analyze large data sets to identify patterns, trends and business insights.

Query performance: Optimizing query performance for fast data access and analysis.

Data warehousing is used by organizations to gain better insights into their business data, make informed decisions, monitor business performance and gain competitive advantage. It is an essential part of the Business Intelligence (BI) process and supports data-driven decisions at various levels of an organization.

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