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Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC)


Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) is a computer simulation technique used to analyze the behavior of gas molecules in complex flow fields. This method is used in particular in gas dynamics to investigate phenomena such as collision, diffusion and heat transfer in rarefied gases where the assumptions of the continuous medium are no longer valid.

The DSMC method uses Monte Carlo simulations to model the interactions between individual gas particles and walls or other gas particles. The trajectories of the individual particles are calculated using stochastic processes, whereby statistical methods are used to determine the distribution of the particles in space and their velocities.

DSMC is used in various fields, including

Aerodynamics: analysis of gas flows around airplanes, rockets and vehicles in high atmospheres.

Microelectronics: Investigating the behavior of gas molecules in vacuum chambers during the manufacture of semiconductor devices.

Space travel: Evaluation of the interactions of gas molecules with spacecraft in the space environment.

DSMC enables the modeling of flows in areas where classical continuous flow models are no longer valid, providing insights into complex flow phenomena in rare gases and vacuum environments.

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