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E-Kanban stands for "electronic Kanban" and is a further development of the traditional Kanban system used in lean production. It is an automated system for controlling production and logistics processes in which electronic signals are used to control the flow of materials and signal the need for replenishment.

The main features of E-Kanban are

Automation: E-Kanban eliminates the manual process of physical Kanban cards and instead uses electronic systems such as software applications or RFID tags to capture and manage information about material requirements and inventory.

Real-time monitoring: By using e-Kanban, companies can monitor the flow of materials in real time and receive immediate notifications of changes in demand to avoid bottlenecks and keep the production process running smoothly.

Increased efficiency: E-Kanban enables faster and more accurate communication between different departments and suppliers, which can lead to a more efficient use of resources and a reduction in stock levels.
E-Kanban is used in various industries and production environments to increase productivity, optimize the supply chain and reduce costs. It provides a modern solution for material control and inventory management that meets the requirements of the environment.

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