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Field Device Tool (FDT)


Field Device Tool (FDT) is a technology that enables manufacturer-independent integration and management of field devices in automation systems. FDT standardizes the communication and interaction between field devices and control systems, regardless of the communication protocols or manufacturers used.

The main features of FDT are

Manufacturer independence: Support of devices from different manufacturers and communication protocols in a standardized environment.
Interoperability: Enables seamless integration and management of field devices in automation systems.
Ease of use: Provides a graphical user interface for configuration, diagnostics and maintenance of field devices.
Flexibility: Adaptability to different automation environments and requirements.

The benefits of FDT include:

Easy integration: simplified integration and management of field devices from different manufacturers.
Cost efficiency: Reduced integration and maintenance costs through standardization and interoperability.
Improved diagnostics: Extended diagnostics options for monitoring and troubleshooting field devices.
Future-proof: Support for new devices and technologies through continuous further development and standardization.

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