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Fault Process Matrix (FPM)


The Fault Process Matrix (FPM) is a quality management tool used to identify potential faults in processes and evaluate their effects. It is used to systematically analyze error sources and develop suitable measures to prevent and eliminate errors.

The main features of the error process matrix are

Identification of errors: systematic recording and documentation of potential errors in various process steps.
Impact assessment: Analysis of the potential impact of the identified errors on the end product or the overall process.
Prioritization of measures: Evaluation of errors according to their significance and prioritization of error prevention measures based on the severity and frequency of errors.
Development of countermeasures: Planning and implementing specific measures to avoid the identified errors or minimize their impact.

The benefits of the error process matrix include:

  • Systematic error analysis: Enables a structured and comprehensive analysis of potential sources of error in processes.
  • Improved process quality: Helps to optimize processes and improve the quality of end products by detecting and eliminating errors at an early stage.
  • Risk minimization: Reduces the risk of quality problems and increases the reliability of processes.
  • Efficient resource planning: Supports the targeted planning and use of resources to prevent defects and improve processes.

The defect process matrix is frequently used in the manufacturing industry, in project management and in other areas where high process reliability and product quality are crucial. It helps to increase the efficiency and reliability of processes and ensure long-term customer satisfaction.
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