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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

MES stands for "Manufacturing Execution System" and is an information system that directly controls and monitors the manufacturing processes in production. It serves as a bridge between the corporate level (ERP systems, Enterprise Resource Planning) and the control level (SCADA systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) in a production plant. MES systems provide real-time information and data on the status of manufacturing processes, material flows, machine performance and product quality.

By using MES, companies can increase production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and ensure compliance with regulations. The core functions of an MES include

  • Production planning and control
  • quality management
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Material and resource management
  • Real-time data collection and analysis
MES integrates and optimizes production processes by providing accurate and timely information that decision makers need to make operational decisions quickly.
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