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Near Field Communication (NFC)


NFC, short for Near Field Communication, is an advanced form of Auto-ID technology that enables wireless communication over short distances. This technology, often referred to as NFC technology, is frequently used for contactless transactions, simple data exchange processes and the connection between NFC-enabled devices such as cell phones.

In the manufacturing industry, NFC enables fast and secure reading of information from components and tools, assists with inventory management and maintenance by providing easy access to device data. NFC helps to increase process efficiency by allowing instant identification and authentication without physical contact, which is particularly beneficial in highly automated production environments.

The NFC function offers considerable advantages not only in industrial environments, but also in everyday use. In the smart home sector, for example, NFC makes it easier to interact with various devices by simply tapping them with a smartphone that contains an NFC chip. The technology is also used in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which offers similar functionalities for broader applications.

The use of NFC chips is widespread in numerous devices and applications, from simple data transfer to complex security checks.

This makes NFC an integral part of modern technology that is constantly evolving and being implemented in new application areas.

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