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Process simulation


What is process simulation?

Process simulation is a technique for modeling and analyzing production processes in order to evaluate and improve their efficiency and performance. By simulating production processes, companies can test different scenarios and optimization strategies without disturbing the real processes.

Advantages of process simulation:

Efficiency evaluation: enables the efficiency of production processes to be analyzed and evaluated in order to identify potential for improvement.
Bottleneck identification: Helps to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficient processes at an early stage.
Resource utilization: Optimizes the use of resources by testing different scenarios and identifying the best strategies.
Production planning: Improves production planning by simulating and analyzing different production strategies.
Continuous improvement: Supports continuous process improvement and helps to increase production performance.

Conclusion: Process simulation is a valuable tool for continuous process improvement and for increasing production performance. By modelling and analyzing production processes, companies can develop more efficient workflows, eliminate bottlenecks and optimize production planning.

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