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Personnel time recording (PTR)


What is Personnel Time Recording (PTR)?

Personnel time recording (PTR) is a system for recording and managing employees' working times. It supports payroll accounting and working time management.

Functions of PTR:

Time recording: recording employees' working hours and break times to ensure accurate documentation of hours worked.
Administration: Management and evaluation of recorded times to facilitate the planning and control of working times.
Payroll accounting: Support for payroll accounting by providing accurate data on hours worked.

Advantages of PTR:

Accuracy: Improves the accuracy of time recording and minimizes errors when recording hours worked.
Efficiency: Increases efficiency in working time management and payroll through automated processes.
Transparency: Creates transparency in employee working hours and breaks, making it easier to comply with legal regulations.
Planning: Supports personnel planning and administration with detailed reports and analyses.

Conclusion: Personnel Time and Attendance (PTR) is an indispensable system for recording and managing employees' working hours. It improves the accuracy and efficiency of time recording, supports payroll accounting and creates transparency in working time management.

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