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Condition Monitoring


Condition monitoring refers to the continuous process of monitoring and analyzing the condition of equipment, machinery or systems in order to detect potential problems early, predict failures and enable preventive maintenance.

Typical condition monitoring methods include

Sensor technology: use of sensors to record data such as vibrations, temperature, pressure and oscillations.
Data analysis: Evaluation and interpretation of the collected data using algorithms and analysis techniques.
Diagnosis: Identification of deviations from normal operating conditions and detection of potential problems or anomalies.
Prognosis: Prediction of downtimes and planning of preventive maintenance measures.
Monitoring systems: Use of software solutions and monitoring systems to continuously monitor the condition of the plant.

Condition monitoring enables companies to maximize the uptime of their equipment, minimize downtime and improve the efficiency of their maintenance processes. It also helps to ensure workplace safety, extend equipment life and reduce the cost of unplanned repairs.

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