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A dashboard is a graphical representation of data and information that allows users to gain insights into key business or performance metrics at a glance. It provides a clear and easy-to-understand presentation of relevant data to help decision-makers analyze trends, monitor performance indicators and identify problems or opportunities.

Typical features of a dashboard are

Visual elements: graphs, charts, maps and other visual elements to present data clearly.

Customizable views: The ability to customize the dashboard to meet individual requirements and select relevant data sources.

Real-time data: Updated and real-time data to provide users with the most up-to-date information.

Interactive features: Filters, drill-down options and other interactive features to help users analyze and explore data.

Dashboards are used in various areas and industries, including business management, marketing, sales, finance, human resources and more. They are a valuable tool for monitoring performance and supporting data-driven decisions in organizations.

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