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Digital Mock-Up (DMU)


Digital Mock-Up (DMU) refers to the digital representation of a product or system using computer-aided design (CAD) software. DMU allows engineers and designers to create and review a virtual model before physical prototypes are built.

The main features of Digital Mock-Up are:

Virtual Visualization: DMU provides a realistic 3D representation of the product or facility, allowing users to view and analyze the design from different angles.

Collaborative evaluation: Multiple users can access the DMU simultaneously and review and evaluate the design together. This promotes collaboration between different teams and departments.

Functional testing: DMU allows users to simulate and check the behavior of the product or system under different conditions in order to identify and resolve potential problems at an early stage.

Cost and time savings: By using DMU, companies can reduce the number of physical prototypes and implement design changes more quickly and cost-effectively.

DMU is used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, engineering, architecture and electronics. It plays an important role in the product development process by improving design, reducing production costs and shortening time to market.

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