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Direct Numerical Control (DNC)


Direct Numerical Control (DNC) is a system for controlling production machines in which the machines are controlled directly from a central computer. In contrast to traditional NC (Numerical Control), where programs had to be stored on punched cards or tapes and loaded into the machines, DNC enables programming data to be transferred directly from a central storage location to the machine via a network.

The main features of DNC are:

Centralized control: a central computer or server manages and stores all programs for the manufacturing machines.

Real-time transfer: Programs are transferred directly from the central database to the machines on demand, reducing waiting times.

Versioning and revision: DNC systems often offer functions for managing program versions and revisions to ensure that the latest version is always used.

DNC systems increase efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing by simplifying program transfer and management. They enable a faster response to changes in the production process and better utilization of machine capacity.

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