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Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a far-reaching concept based on the philosophy of continuous improvement. It aims to make all company processes as efficient and effective as possible and to improve them on an ongoing basis. The main objectives are to increase quality, maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costs, which is achieved primarily by eliminating all forms of waste.

The core elements of operational excellence include:

  • Optimization of processes: This refers to the constant review and improvement of business processes to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce lead times and increase productivity.
  • Increasing efficiency: This is about achieving the best possible result with the least possible use of resources such as time, materials and capital.
  • Minimizing waste: Borrowed from lean management, operational excellence strives to identify and eradicate all types of waste. Waste can take the form of overproduction, waiting times, unnecessary transportation, over-processing, excessive inventory, unnecessary movements and production errors.
  • Highest quality and customer satisfaction: The focus is on providing the highest product or service quality in order to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.
  • Commitment to excellence: A corporate culture that promotes and values excellence in every area is essential. This requires the commitment of all employees, from management to operational staff.

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