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Pull control


What is pull control?

Pull control is a principle of lean management in which production is controlled by actual demand rather than by forecasts and planning. In a pull system, materials and products are only produced or delivered when they are needed.

Advantages of pull control:

Reduction in stock levels: as only what is needed is produced, storage costs and capital commitment are reduced.
Better use of resources: Resources are used more efficiently as overproduction is avoided.
Faster response to customer requirements: Companies can react more flexibly and quickly to changes in customer demand.
Cost reduction: Costs are reduced by minimizing stock levels and overproduction.
Increased efficiency: Production is optimized, leading to greater efficiency and productivity.

Areas of application for pull control:

Just-in-time (JIT) production: materials are delivered exactly when they are needed for production.
Kanban system: Visual system to control the production process and avoid overproduction.
Customized production: Products are manufactured based on actual customer orders.

Conclusion: Pull control helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs in production and improves a company's flexibility and responsiveness. By producing according to actual demand, companies can make optimum use of their resources and react more quickly to customer requirements.

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