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Cycle time


What is the cycle time?

The cycle time is the time it takes to complete a production step or a complete production process. It includes all phases from processing to the completion of a product.

Advantages of reducing the cycle time:

Increased production capacity: shorter cycle times make it possible to produce more products in the same amount of time, which increases production capacity.
Reduced delivery times: Faster production processes lead to shorter delivery times, which improves customer satisfaction.
Increased efficiency: Reduced cycle times reduce the consumption of resources and increase the efficiency of production processes.
Cost reduction: Faster processes can reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

Methods for reducing cycle time:

Process optimization: analysis and optimization of production processes to eliminate bottlenecks and increase efficiency.
Automation: Use of automation technologies to speed up production steps and minimize manual intervention.
Lean methods: Implementing lean principles such as just-in-time (JIT) and continuous improvement (Kaizen) to reduce waste and shorten cycle time.
Employee training: Training employees in more efficient working methods and the use of new technologies to reduce cycle time.

Conclusion: Reducing cycle time is crucial to increase production capacity and shorten delivery times. Through process optimization, automation and lean methods, companies can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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