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What is Shojinka?

Shojinka is a lean management concept that promotes the flexible adaptation of the workforce to production needs. It enables companies to deploy their workforce efficiently and maximize productivity by deploying workers where they are needed most.

Benefits of Shojinka:

Flexibility: by matching the workforce to current production needs, companies can respond quickly to changes in demand.
Efficient use of resources: Employees are deployed specifically where they are needed most, resulting in optimal use of available manpower.
Increased productivity: The flexible assignment of tasks avoids bottlenecks and increases overall productivity.
Employee satisfaction: Varied work and the opportunity to take on different tasks can increase employee satisfaction and motivation.
Cost reduction: More efficient use of the workforce can lead to a reduction in personnel costs and better cost control.

Conclusion: Shojinka is an effective concept in lean management that helps companies maximize the flexibility and efficiency of their workforce. By flexibly adapting employees to production needs, companies can increase productivity, reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction.

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