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Things Gone Wrong (TGW)


What is Things Gone Wrong (TGW)?

Things Gone Wrong (TGW) refers to unexpected events or errors that occur during a production process. Analyzing TGW helps companies to identify the causes of problems and take preventive measures.

Advantages of TGW:

Root cause analysis: identification of the underlying causes of errors or problems in the production process.
Preventive measures: Implementation of measures to prevent the recurrence of similar problems.
Increased production safety: Reducing the frequency and severity of production errors, which increases the safety and stability of processes.
Error reduction: Reducing the error rate by systematically analyzing and solving problems.
Continuous improvement: Promotion of a culture of continuous improvement through regular TGW analyses.

Conclusion: Effective management of Things Gone Wrong (TGW) enables companies to analyze production errors, take preventive measures and increase production reliability. This leads to a lower error rate and more efficient production overall.

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