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Every Part Every Interval (EPEI)


Every Part Every Interval (EPEI) is a concept from lean manufacturing that aims to design production planning in such a way that each part is produced at regular intervals. This principle supports the flexibility and responsiveness of production and helps to reduce stock levels and shorten throughput times.

The main features of EPEI are

Regular production cycles: planning production at fixed intervals so that each product is manufactured at least once in a defined period of time.
Flexibility: Increasing the ability to react quickly to changes in demand.
Inventory reduction: Minimizing inventory levels by producing smaller batches more frequently.
Continuous improvement: Support lean principles by constantly reviewing and optimizing production intervals.

The benefits of EPEI include:

Efficient use of resources: better utilization of machinery and equipment through consistent production cycles.
Improved delivery performance: Faster response times and higher delivery reliability through regular production.
Reduced waste: Minimization of overproduction and inventory costs.
More stable production processes: Consistent load on production lines and better planning capability.

By implementing EPEI, companies can optimize their production processes, increase customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of their supply chain.

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