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Poka Yoke


What is Poka Yoke?

Poka Yoke is an error prevention strategy that is used in production to reduce errors and increase process reliability.

Advantages of Poka Yoke:

Error prevention: detects and prevents errors in real time, significantly reducing the number of production errors.
Scrap minimization: Significantly reduces scrap, resulting in cost savings.
Reduced rework: Reduces the need for rework as products are manufactured correctly from the start.
Increased process reliability: Improves process reliability and ensures stable processes.
Useful in mass production: Particularly beneficial where small errors can lead to large losses.

Areas of application for Poka Yoke:

Automotive industry: Prevents assembly errors and ensures product quality.
Electronics production: Avoids errors when assembling printed circuit boards.
Consumer goods production: Ensures error-free products in large quantities.

Conclusion: Poka Yoke is an effective method for improving product quality, reducing errors and optimizing production processes, especially in mass production, in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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