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Risk Based Inspection (RBI)


What is Risk Based Inspection (RBI)?

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a method for planning inspection and maintenance activities based on an assessment of risks. By analyzing and evaluating potential risks, inspection resources can be used more efficiently by prioritizing high-risk areas.

Benefits of RBI:

Improved safety: prioritization of inspections in high risk areas to identify and eliminate potential hazards.
Increased reliability: Regular inspections in critical areas ensure reliable plant operation.
Cost optimization: Reduce maintenance costs by focusing on high-risk areas.
Efficient use of resources: Targeted allocation of inspection resources saves time and money.
Regulatory compliance: Systematic and documented inspection planning fulfills regulatory requirements.

Conclusion: Risk Based Inspection (RBI) improves the safety and reliability of systems and at the same time optimizes maintenance costs through targeted inspection planning based on risk assessments.

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